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LiteJet is revolutionizing the lighting control market by providing features traditionally found in expensive, high-end systems, in an easy to install, simple to use, and incredibly affordable package. Centralized controls are used to create artistic scene lighting to accentuate your home's decor. Dimming levels may be set for both interior and exterior lighting to create dramatic and aesthetically beautiful scenes. LiteJet's robust centralized dimming system will transform your home into a beautiful showcase.

Comfort and Convenience


With a LiteJet lighting control system you will never have to enter a dark house again! Use the system's standard astronomical clock to automatically turn your lights on at dusk. A key fob remote is also available to turn your lights on or off from the safety of your vehicle. LiteJet easily integrates with other home automation systems, too. Configured to work with your fire and smoke alarm, your LiteJet system will light a pathway to safety for you and your family when the alarm is activated. When configured to work with your security system, LightJet's alarm flash mode will flash lights throughout your home when the security system is triggered, alerting neighbors and approaching authorities. 

Easy integration

Mltiple Control Options 2.png

LiteJet's open system architecture allows easy intergration with many other home automation devices including camera's, motorized blinds, sprinkler systems, audio systems, and thermostats.

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