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Dragon Technologies, Inc.

Quality and Affordable Lighting Control Systems


Support and Repair
for CentraLite® 

Legacy Products:

- Elegance® Lighting Control

- LiteJet® Lighting Control

- Jetstream® Lighting Control

The Best Solutions and Product Support from the Original CentraLite Founders
PHONE (888) 412-6744
Outside U.S - (323) 538-5258
*CentraLite trademark is owned by eZLO Innovations, Inc.


Whether you need a brand new lighting system in your home or just need spare equipment to keep your existing Centralite system running smoothly, Dragon Tech has you covered.

Elegance System


The Elegance Lighting Control System is one of the smartest, most cost-effective technologies available for any new construction project. It saves energy, reduces maintenance, boosts security and enhances the livability of individual rooms and open spaces.

JetStream System


Get the most out of your lighting investment and save energy with the incomparable JetStream Lighting Control System. This innovative wireless system delivers a full suite of control programs that lower energy use, maximize safety and convenience, and reduce lighting maintenance. 

LiteJet System

LiteJet is revolutionizing the lighting control market by providing features traditionally found in expensive, high-end systems, in an easy to install, simple to use, and incredibly affordable package. LiteJet's robust centralized dimming system will transform your home into a beautiful showcase.


If you already have a Centralite System installed in your home but need replacement parts, Dragon Tech has you covered


Tech Support

Centralite's founders have provided stellar customer service and technical support for nearly 20 years. Having a problem? We will happily help!


  For any questions regarding your Centralite system, call us at 888-412-6744 or send an email to 

  Outside the U.S? Call our international phone number at 1-323-538-5258



If your Centralite system is working but you just need some helping programming or integrating with other systems in your home, call us or send us an email.

Phone 888-412-6744

Outside U.S 251-235-1234


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Dragon Tech,




7872 Bullitt Drive

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Phone:  888-412-6744         Outside U.S: 323-538-5258


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